NS2 update v2

Updating your NS2 Air Monitors v2

On this page you will find the latest info about the NS2 v2 and how to update and take care of your AirPlay speakers.



Latest Firmware

Have you not updated your NS2? If not, we recommend you to. It is always good to be on the latest firmware. You can do the firmware upgrade via our app available for both iOS and Android, via USB stick and via your PC or Mac. Please visit App Store or Google Play to download the Nocs NS2 Air Monitor app and follow the easy setup step by step.

Upgrade firmware via Nocs app 

  1. Before updating - place your speaker and your iOS / Android device near the main Wi-Fi router (for optimal signal strength between speaker and Wi-Fi router).
  2. Make sure that your iOS / Android device has sufficient battery power before starting the update (above 50% battery power recommended).
  3. Launch the Nocs app.
    iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nocs/id670190671?mt=8
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nocs
  4. Press "Update firmware" in the app menu and select your NS2s.
  5. Press "Update" after the app has identified your NS2s
  6. The NS2 will flash white during the upgrade for about 2 min.
  7. Once the unit has restarted, the firmware upgrade is confirmed.

Upgrade firmware via USB-stick 

  1. Copy the latest firmware (v.17) onto a USB drive. Important: This firmware is ONLY for NS2 v2
  2. Turn on your NS2 speakers.
  3. A flashing green LED on the front confirms that the NS2 has successfully initialized. You can now plug your USB drive into the NS2.
  4. After plugging in your USB drive, wait a few seconds and then press and hold the “source” button until the front LED flashes white.
  5. Your NS2 speakers are now upgrading. The unit will restart itself upon completion.
  6. Once the unit has restarted, the firmware upgrade is confirmed.

Upgrade firmware via PC/Mac

  1. Download the latest firmware. Important: This firmware is ONLY for NS2 v2
  2. Open the AirPlay IP address in a browser.
    (Please note: Not the IP address used for setup, this is a unique IP address given from your network)

  3. Please see the router manual for instructions on how to retrieve IP addresses. For AirPort Express in iOS 10.6 or earlier open AirPort Utility > Select the AirPort Express > Advanced > Logs and Statistics > DHCP Clients and locate the NS2 in the list of clients. In iOS 10.7 or later open AirPort Utility > Select the AirPort Express > locate the NS2 in the list of clients > Move the cursor over it and a window with the IP address will appear. 
  4. Select “Firmware update”.
  5. Select “Proceed”.
  6. Await the 30 seconds countdown, the page will automatically refresh once finished.
  7. Locate the firmware update file on your hard drive.
  8. Select “Upload”.
  9. Select “Proceed” to upload the firmware file. The page will automatically refresh to display the current status during update.
  10. Select “Close” to close the setup page.

⋅ In some cases the NS2 needs to be setup again after the update is finished.


Firmware versions

The easiest way to find out your firmware version is download our NS2 app via the App Store or Google Play and go to "Update firmware".

v14 - Supports firmware update via NS2 Air Monitor app.
v15 - Prevents incorrect firmware to be uploaded when updating firmware via PC or Mac.
v16 - Eliminates the high pitch noise experienced in some units.