Mesh replacement 

If you are experiencing lower sound coming out from one or both ear cups, you are most likely to have residue stuck behind the protective mesh. Follow these simple steps to replace your protective mesh on your earphones.

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To make sure the sound is fully restored, reattach the silicone sleeves and plug the earphones to a device.


1. With a small screw driver or a sharp tool, press on the very edge of the mesh just like the above image indicates.


 2. The mesh will turn 90 degrees and can easily be removed.

3. Make sure you have a clean and dry surface before you place the new mesh on.


4. Gently remove the mesh from the plastic sheet and place it on the edge of the nozzle.


5. Make sure the complete mesh is resting on the inner edge on of the nozzle, wait 24 hours for the adhesive glue to get a firm grip before usage.